Grote orkest:


Repertoire 2021


Backdraft – Hans Zimmer, arr. Masato Myokoin

The Blues Brothers Revue – Arr. Jay Bocook

Copacabana – Barr Manilow, arr. Richard Saucedo

A Discovery Fantasy – Jan de Haan

The Doors In Concert – arr. Paul Murtha

Generations Fanfare – Otto M. Schwarz

Glen Miller In Concert – Arr. Paul Murtha

Pearl Harbour – Hans Zimmer, arr. Frank Bernaerts

Pixar Movie Magic – Arr. Michael Brown

A Tribute To Amy Winehouse – Arr. Peter Kleine Schaars



Repertoire 2020 en ouder




Arromanches – A.E. Kelly

Band of Brothers – Micael Kamen, arr. Jerry Brubaker

A Bridge too far – John Addinson, arr. Rieks van der Velde

The Exodus song – Ernest Gold / Pat Boone, arr. Johan de Meij

Freedom – Micael W. Smith, arr. Jay Bocook

The Girl From Ipanema

Guardians of Peace

March Chagu chagu

99 Luftballons – Nena, arr. Klaus Fielmann

Soldaat van Oranje – Rogier van Otterloo, arr. Koos Mark

Soldaat van Oranje de musical

Smoke on the water

A Tribute To Ray Charles

Une belle histoire – Michel Fugain

Vera Lynn Forever – Arr. Willy Hautvast





Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen, Arr. Michael Brown

Highlights From Brother Bear – Phil Collins, Arr. Paul Murtha

How To Train Your Dragon – John Powell, Arr. Johnie Vinson

I Got You (I Feel Good) – James Brown, Arr. Johnie Vinson

The King Of Rock’n Roll – Elvis Presley, Arr. Johnie Vinson

Man In The Mirror – Michael Jackson, Arr. Paul Jennings

The Middle – Arr. Paul Murtha

Oye Como Va – Santana, Arr. Michael Brown

Roar – Katy Perry, Arr. Michael Story

Silverbrook – Michael Sweeney

That's what I like – Bruno Mars, Arr. Michael Story

Thinking out loud – Robert Longfield

Uptown funk – Michael Story

We know the way – Arr. Johnie Vinson

You're Welcome – Arr. Matt. Conoway



Gezamenlijk repertoire grote orkest en leerlingenorkest:


Boogiewoogie Bugle Boy – Don Raye, arr. Michael Sweeney

The curse of tutankhamon – Michael Story

Imagine -  John Lennon, arr. Larry Norred

Land of hope and glory – Sir Edward Elgar, arr. Philip Sparke

Michael Jackson Hitmix, Arr. Johnie Vinson

Ode an die Freude – Ludwig van Beethoven, Arr. Alfred Bösendorfer

Smoke on the water – Arr. Michael Sweeney



















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